Why Netanyahu has chosen Africa as its destination?


For many years, Zionist companies are active in the west and central regions of Africa. As Africa became an integral part of Tel Aviv’s policies and many settler of occupied territories emigrated from Africa.

Ethiopians of the occupied territories have now become a crisis for Tel Aviv, and is not a single day that we do not see the African protesters in the Occupied Territories. Recently, Tel Aviv has been forced to expel a few thousand immigrants who consider it illegal, but neither Europe nor the African countries are not willing to accept these people.

While Tel Aviv claims to be an immigrant country, it is veruy cautious that the ratio of whites does not change with blacks, and that the population mix does not end in favor of the colorful people.

However, West Asia is an important point for Tel Aviv’s economic decisions. Earlier, published documents show Zionists are practically occupying Liberia for the trade in diamonds and dirty money, and the Liberian authorities receive bribes to ignore diamond revenues and trafficking by Zionists.

On the other hand, Tel Aviv’s interference has caused Sudan not to be secure in the last few years, and with the intervention of Zionists, it is actually divided into two parts of the South and North, an issue that happened in favor of Israel and separated Sudan’s oil sector so that Israelis leased the oil field. Somehow, in Africa, we find some tensions and conflicts it is related to Tel Aviv.

In Sinai, the Zionist plan has long been based on the re-occupation of the area, the forced displacement of the Gazans to the area and the official occupation of the Gaza Strip forever. The plan, which is part of the deal of the century, and we are witnessing the apparently terrorist groups that have long been present in this area and not allowing the Egyptian army to gain power in these areas. So that Cairo virtually does not dominate important areas of Sinai.

Africa has now become part of Tel Aviv’s foreign policy. The geopolitical tension and sensitivity of Tel Aviv in the eastern and northern region, due to the presence of resistance, only put Africa on the diplomatic path of the Zionists, and Netanyahu has to have an eye on it to prevent parliamentary pressure.