What is Netanyahu’s goal for unplanned operations in Syria?


Only five days after the appointment of General Aviv Kochavi, the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli regime Army on January 15, he issued his first military order, and agreed with the decision of the Army Air Force Chief of Staff to launch an air strike at the Damascus International Airport, in which four Zionist warplanes attacked the Damascus airport from the Mediterranean Sea, crossing the sky of Barja town, Lebanon.

According to al-Binaa, like other failed Zionist attacks, the vigilance of Syria’s air defenses and the readiness of its personnel, Israel’s new air strike failed, and all the missiles of this regime were destroyed without compromising the intended purposes, in order to remain a wish for Netanyahu and his army chief to reach Syria’s goals.

In this regard, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Syria’s air defense has been using rocket and point-based missile systems to track seven missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea to an airport in the south-east of Damascus, and that Syria’s air defenses repelled the today attack of Zionist regime to the southern Syria in the best possible way, and Tel Aviv has not achieved any of its goals in the attack.

The Russian Defense Ministry says four Syrian crew members have died in the airstrike and six have been injured. Other sources, including the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights affiliated to the oppositions of the Syria; claim that eleven Syrians were killed.

The statement also added that small damages to parts of Damascus’s international airport were caused by a Zionist missile attack on Syria.

But the main question now is that the prime minister of the Zionist regime and his new head of army headquarters, they are still struggling despite having found that they cannot achieve their goals in Syria, what can their motivation be?

In response to this question, it should be emphasized that the Zionist regime’s prime minister is trying to escape from the judicial investigation that puts him under a lot of pressure by showing himself as a regime’s savior, and his new chief of staff also wants to show a powerful figure from himself to the Zionist people, especially since he is a completely defeated general.

This Zionist general was the commander of the Brigade of the Gaza Strip, the No. 98 Zionist paratroopers’ brigade, when the army was forced to retreat from the Gaza Strip in 2005; it also contributed to the defeat of the Zionist Army in 2006 in Lebanon. And then as commander of the Zionist military intelligence service from 2010 to the eleventh month of 2014, then appointed as the commander of the Northern Front of the Army of the Zionist regime. From the fifth month of 2017 he was also the successor to the head of the army’s military headquarters, and now he was appointed chief of staff of the army of this regime.


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