War with Iran mother of all wars: Rouhani


Tehran. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says while Iran looks forward to resolve tensions with the United States through diplomacy and dialogue, it is also ready to defend itself at all costs in case Washington resorts to military power.

“Peace with Iran is the mother of peace. War with Iran is the mother of all wars. I repeat again now (what I have said before),” Rouhani said as he visited the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Tuesday.

He said Tehran was already in negotiations with European countries to resolve the tensions stemming from America’s withdrawal last year from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

US President Donald Trump left the deal in May 2018 and kicked off a maximum pressure campaign of sanctions and economic pressure to force Iran to renegotiate it, something that Iran says will never happen.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is in negotiations, and if the US really wants to talk, they should lift all sanctions before anything else,” Rouhani said.

“It is up to them to return to the nuclear deal or not, we do not mind. They have to lift all sanctions so that they are no longer criminals against human rights. We will not negotiate with criminal,” he added.

He also urged the US to stop its cruel policies that are effecting Iranian people as well as people in countries that are struggling with deadly American military interventions.

“Can we talk to a murderer? They have to stop their crimes.”

Rouhani stopped at the Foreign Ministry to give recognition to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the job he has been doing.

The Iranian minister recently came under sanctions by the Trump administration for being Iran’s “spokesman” around the world.