Venezuela’s Maduro says military commanders have ‘total loyalty’ amid coup attempt

All military commanders of Venezuela are loyal to the government, President Nicolas Maduro assured amid an attempted military coup, declared by US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Maduro, who is considered an ‘usurper’ by his challenger, said that he had spoken to all senior military officers of the country’s armed forces, who assured him of their “total loyalty to the constitution and to the homeland.” He called on his supporters to mobilize in the face of the latest attempt by Guaido to seize power in Caracas.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez also said in a TV address that the national armed forces remained loyal to the government while adding that the those behind the “acts of violence” were partially defeated.

Earlier on Tuesday, Guaido posted a video filmed near an air base in Caracas, calling for decisive action against the Maduro government. Standing behind him were several people in military uniforms – apparently meant to be a living testament to the support of the army. The opposition leader has been struggling to win over the troops for months since declaring himself ‘interim president’ in January.

The Venezuelan government called the uniform-clad men “a small group of traitors” and promised to deal with the “attempted military coup.” The defense minister dismissed the defectors.

Source: RT


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