US calls on UN security council to support Myanmar Buddhist government

The United State calls on UN security council to stand for Myanmar government. To meet out the objective of safeguarding the “rights and dignity” of all communities in the country the US asked the UN security council to assist the Buddhist government.

There have also been reports of innocent Rohingya civilians being killed and injured amid the ongoing violence and of villages being burned down. The Killings of Rohingya Muslims is continues since last two years, and the entire world is silent on this insanism.

According to the reports of International Organisation for Migration, at least 18,500 Rohingya had crossed into Bangladesh, in the recent violence Myanmar’s neighboring Rakhine state.

“The US supports democracy for the Myanmarese people, and we condemn attacks by militant groups in Rakhine State,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in a statement yesterday.

“We call on all members of the Security Council to support the Myanmarese government in ensuring the rights and dignity of all communities in Rakhine State and throughout Myanmar,” Haley said.

The worsening cycle of violence is of grave concern and must be broken urgently,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, in a statement issued from the Office of UN High Commissioners for Human Rights (OHCHR).


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