Typhoon Meranti cripples Taiwan, penetrates into mainland China

Typhoon Meranti attacks south of Taiwan.

XIAMEN, CHINA : Typhoon Meranti has intruded into China after battering Taiwan, making landfall early on Thursday near Xiamen in Fujian Province.

As morning broke, it unveiled to the inhabitants, empty streets covered in broken glass, from shattered windows on surrounding office buildings.
Despite the winds lessening after landfall, they were strong enough to knock down trees, break windows and push a large inflated moon down the city’s streets. The moon had been part of a display to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival.
An 800-year-old Song dynasty wooden bridge was washed away in Yongchun county in Fujian,the local tourism bureau reported.
“The whole city is heartbroken! The bridge had withstood a long and stormy history but had no luck with Meranti,” a statement said.
The powerful storm first raked southern Taiwan, bringing torrential rains and winds of up to 230 mph (370 kilometers per hour) — faster than a Formula One race car.
One person died and 44 people were injured as the typhoon surged over the island, according to a Taiwan Red Cross spokeswoman.
“Typhoon Merandi is away from the Taiwan main island, but still our staff and volunteers are in the mobilization preparation,” she said.
More than 900,000 households had lost power, the spokeswoman confirmed, while another 500,000 had issues with water supply. Hundreds of thousands were also waiting for repairs, she said.


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