Rohingya Muslims are a security threat, Govt’s unfinalised affidavit’

The central government has prepared an affidavit to filed in Supreme Court in the concern of Rohingya deportation. Affidavit said, Rohingya refugees are a security threat and they must be deported to Myanmar.

However, the government did not filed to the apex court yet, the government said it was ‘unfinalised’ and did not necessarily reflect its final position. According to the Hindustan Times news, a copy of affidavit emerged in the media on Thursday after the government mistakenly served it to a lawyer who has moved the Supreme Court against a plan to deport the refugees.

Earlier, the UN’s human rights chief criticised India’s decision over the issue. “The copy served on you has not been filed in the Supreme Court of India. Kindly, therefore do not treat the copy served on you as the affidavit of the central government,” the government said in a statement after the proposed affidavit was reported online and by TV channels.

The affidavit said, that may or not be filed, the government has flagged purported links of some unauthorized Rohingya immigrants to militant groups based in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


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