Salafist preacher Tauseef Ur-Rahman arrested in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi monarchy has been arrested controversial salafist Preacher of Pakistan, Tauseef ur Rahman in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

According to the report  Tauseef ur Rahman and his brother Talib Ur Rahman both were arrested for alleged connection with Islamic State (ISIS) which is the most dread organisation in the world.


This terror organisation particularly active in the middle eastern zone as Iraq, Syria Yemen and different region of the world.

Report said that Saudi monarchy arrested five people including Taseef Ur Rahman, Amongst the four, two of them are top notch officials of Pakistan’s Markazi Jamiat e Ahl-e-Hadees ,which is part of  the ruling coalition Government of Pakistan.

Pakistani newspaper publish this story on the front page. Where his brother Tayyabur Rehman said that he had no knowledge why his brothers were arrested in Saudi Arabia.

However, Taseef Ur Rahman is famous globally for his hatred and controversial speeches. His speeches about prophet Mohammad hurt the sentiments of Sunni Muslims across the world.

On the other Indian Sunni Sufi Muslim exalted the step taken by Saudi government and urge to take strict action against such kind of Preacher, who propagate terrorism in the name of Islam.


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