Suu Kyi assures British minister to take back Rohingyas from Bangladesh

Myanmar’s de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi has assured UK state minister for foreign affairs Mark Field that Rohingyas will be taken back from Bangladesh, the British minister said at a press briefing in Dhaka after his visit to Rakhine State.
Field was the first foreign minister allowed in the Rakhine state after the brutal military crackdown began on Aug 25.
The UK Foreign and Commonwealth affairs state minister said there are a lot of “diplomatic efforts” going on behind the scene to solve the crisis, and the issue is not a “localized” one now. “We’ll utilise all diplomatic means we can at this stage”.
He, however, would not speculate when and how the repatriation would take place.
“I have seen in my eyes terrible situation and what we can do trying to exert as much pressure with all of our friends”.
He, however, cautioned that if Suu Kyi falls in Myanmar, then the military would have “full-fledged” power and the situation would be “the worst”, arguing in favour of a diplomatic solution rather than punitive sanctions at this stage.
The stateless Rohingyas are living in Bangladesh for long, but the latest army campaign in the western Rakhine State launched in response to attacks by Rohingya Muslim insurgents on security posts near the Bangladesh border on Aug 25 forced half a million of them into Bangladesh.
The UN described the situation ‘ textbook ethnic cleansing’.
The British minister pressed for an ‘urgent resolution’ to the crisis, during talks with the State Counsellor Suu Kyi in capital Naypyidaw.
He said he made three proposals to her those include stopping violence right now, allowing humanitarian access to the Rakhine State and implement Kofi Annan Commission report.
He said Myanmar needs to heed the UN Security Council’s call to end violence and allow aid workers in the Rakhine.


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