Iran will overcome sanctions, slap US in face again: Iranian Supreme Leader

Supreme leader message to Iran

Tehran. Addressing a huge and magnificent gathering of Basij volunteer forces in the 100,000 capacity Azadi Stadium, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the youth are the solution to the country’s problems and made an analysis of the present sensitive situation. He added, “Through yelling, making cheap statements and [harboring] delusional assumptions, the Americans seek to portray a completely reverse picture of their power and the conditions in Iran; however, the youths of the great nation and homeland of Iran know that they should give the US another slap in the face by thwarting the last remaining ploy of the enemy, namely sanctions, and God willing, they will do it.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the resplendent and magnificent epic feat by Hazrat Zaynab bint ‘Ali and Imam Ali Ibn al-Husayn al-Sajjad (Peace be Upon Them) in immortalizing the event of Ashura and to the upcoming occasion of Arba’een, reiterating, “The epic feat of Arba’een, which is repeated every year with the turnout of the Iranian nation, Iraqi nation and Muslims from other countries is an exceptionally important phenomenon that has taken place courtesy of God’s grace and at a time of great need by the world of Islam.”

He said yelling by the heads of the hegemonic US and authoritarian powers, the show of might by faithful youths and their successive victories in various arenas and at the same time economic woes and the livelihood predicaments of a large portion of the people as well as the elite growing sensitive and making efforts and endeavors to offer solutions to the problems are various aspects of the country’s current sensitive situation.

Ayatollah Khamenei described “Iran’s greatness, the might of the Islamic Republic and the invincibility of the Iranian nation” as three incontrovertible truths, adding, “These are not bluster but are realities that the enemy wishes that the Iranian nation did not know or neglect so that it would make false assumptions about the condition of the country and its capabilities.”

Elaborating upon this tripartite truth, Ayatollah Khamenei said the greatness of Iran is a historical fact, adding, “Apart from the 200 years leading to the victory of the Islamic Revolution (namely from mid-Qajar era to the end of Pahlavi era), our beloved Iran has been the frontrunner among Muslim nations in various fields and at stages has even been the forerunner among all nations.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the salvation of Iran from the tyrannical domination of the US and UK suffices to prove the might of the Islamic Revolution, adding, “Saving the country from the evil of tyrannical rule and hereditary monarchy, resistance against all of the plots of the last 40 years and promoting Iran’s credibility and respect in the region and world are other manifestation of the might of the Islamic Republic.”


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