Saudi women want non-Saudi husband

A number of Saudi females has started a campaign that calls for a boycott of marriage with the country’s men and accepting the proposal of non-Saudi men.

Saudi users criticized the legal restrictions in this area by creating a hashtag entitled ‘Saudi women want to marry foreigners’ on social media like Twitter and Facebook. The hashtag was embraced by social networking users and has been widely published. A large number of users have responded to it.


The users severely criticized legal restrictions and tribal customs on Saudi women marrying foreigners.

The users of social media used the hashtag to exchange views on the issue. Some of them described Saudi men who treat women cold and sometimes humiliating. They stated men in other Arab states interact with women civilized and based on partnership, not domination.

Opponents to the campaign believe that non-Saudi men are seeking to acquire the property of Saudi women and become rich by marrying them. They advocated 17 conditions set by the Saudi government over giving permission to male and female citizens to marry foreigners.