Saudi Arabia is the largest arms buyer from the Western Balkans in 2016


Saudi Arabia topped the list of countries importing arms, ammunition and equipment from the Western Balkans in 2016, according to a report prepared at the request of the United Nations.

Weapons sales from the Western Balkans to Saudi Arabia in 2016 amounted to 118 million euros from a total of 500 million euros ($ 585.30 million) during the period, making the kingdom the largest single buyer in the region.

The rest of arms sales went to countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Turkey and the United States.

Serbia ranked first in the region’s arms exports in 2016 with sales of more than 406 million euros, followed by Bosnia with 104.3 million euros. Albania, which sold arms worth 1.28 million euros, was third.

The Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania), with the exception of Albania, were part of the former Yugoslavia, a major arms exporter in the world.


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