Saudi Arabia hiring snipers to kill Iraqi protesters: Report


Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic missions in Iraq are hiring paid snipers to take out protesters in order to stir more tensions in the country, a new report has revealed.

Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar reported Sunday that the Saudi embassy as well as the kingdom’s consulate in Baghdad have been hiring mercenaries since the protests began on Tuesday.

In the heat of the protests, Iraqi officials said that several security forces had been killed and injured by unknown sniper fire.

Al Akhbar said many of the rioters arrested by police confirmed that the paid snipers have infiltrated the protests with direct help from US embassy and Saudi consulate staff.

An Army spokesman told the daily that some “infiltrators” have been firing at both protesters and security forces to stir more chaos.

In one case, four protesters and security forces were shot at the same time, according to the report.

Iraqi officials told the newspaper that even though the protests had almost stopped altogether, the US and Saudi diplomatic missions were trying to reignite the deadly clashes.