Role of Palestinian women in the first intifada

Unlike earlier protests, women have played a large role in the first Palestinian intifada. They had no fear confronting the Zionist army and supporting the Palestinian issue.

It was very tangible support, so that one-third of the victims were women. Women in the cities were more involved than the villages, due to the patriarchal mentality dominated in villages.

The revolution gave women permission to participate in the political and social scene, whereas in the past women only were effective in local politics.

Palestinian woman have entered the politics arena since the seventies of the past century, by forming several student movement. As the result, the number of women political prisoners increased during the seventies and eighties.

Women didn’t have the right to vote according to Jordanian decision in 1955. But they participated in 1976 election, and some of them were elected to take part in Parliament.

As deteriorating living conditions and increasing Israel aggression, women became more engaged by throwing stones or adjusting demonstrations.

After the escalation of the Israeli fence, women played an important role in achieving self-sufficiency and compensating the shortages created by sanctions.


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