PM Modi’s Rwanda Tour: PM gifting 200 cows to a country, where beef is a staple food

Rwanda, is a country situated on the eastern edge of the African continent.

The inhabitants of Rwanda are cow-herders by tradition. This tradition also includes that fact that when the cow stops giving milk, it is eaten by the herders. This is the culture of that country.

It is reported that PM Modi is gifting two hundred cows in the gift to the government head of Rwanda. It is obvious that after killing them, their slaughter is fixed. That is, the PM has decided to gift them “holy cows” even after knowing the tradition there.

The Prime Minister of this country is asking you to stop the business of small traders in the name of beef, and why are the big slaughter houses, whose owners are Jains, Hindu Vaishnavas and upper caste people? You will allow the slaughter of cows in Rwanda, and your party will make merry with President Parvez Musharraf in Agra and feed him beef too. Meanwhile you will try to position India at number one in beef export, but when a man of Muslim men like, Pehlu Khan, Rakbar Khan wish to herd cows for milk, you slaughter the men and your saffron brigade celebrates their killing? Yet you don a silent masquerade.

Dear Prime Minister, how long will this double policy of yours last?

Praying to holy cows here and then shipping them of to Rwanda for being someone’s dinner? Is that what “Hindutva” teaches and preaches. Seems like even our government is sailing in two boats at the same time, certainly sinking towards dissolution.


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