Morocco arrest 5 Israelis for producing fake passports

Morocco announced on Saturday that its police had arrested five Israeli nationals over their involvement in a network which committed crimes and produced fake passports, Anadolureported.

In a statement, Morocco’s National Brigade of Judicial Police said it uncovered a criminal network headed by a Moroccan Jew. They did not release his name.

The network was uncovered earlier this month after suspicions were raised that IDs and passports were being created for “Jews of Moroccan origins”, noting that two of the suspects were on an INTERPOL wanted list.

One of the suspects was accused of murder while the other is suspected of involvement in an international drug smuggling network.

The statement also noted that money, drugs, fake documents and mobile phones were also seized.

On 7 March, Morocco arrested ten citizens suspected of involvement with this criminal gang, including the Jewish citizen who is the head of the gang, in addition to three security officers, two government employees, a travel agent and three others.

All of them were accused of facilitating crimes.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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