Italian Imam’s Facebook Post Features Nuns on Beach: Account blocked

The imam of Florence posted a picture of nuns covered in habit clothing splashing along the seashore on Facebook, calling for dialogue about “burkini bans”, but got his account blocked instead. The post by Izzedin Elzir got some 2,700 shares, and came in response to the French southern cities – like Cannes and Nice – prohibiting the wearing of “burkinis” on the beach.
The day after the imam published his post, his account was blocked by the administration.
″It′s incomprehensible. I have to send them an ID document to reactivate it. They wanted to make sure it′s my account – it′s a very strange procedure,″ the indignant imam told La Repubblica.
On Friday, his account was back in: the imam said he hopes it wasn′t blocked because of the picture, as it urges dialogue, and ″we live in a society of law and freedom.″

He also noted that the burkini had only come into fashion among Muslim women over the past few years and he expressed regret that ″some politicians in France, instead of responding to the political and economic needs of their citizens, are focusing on how Muslims dress.″

On Tuesday, Italy′s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told Corriere Della Serra that Italy wouldn′t follow France′s suit and ban the burkini, but will step up regulations of imams and mosques.
Two days later, Italian authorities expelled the Tunisian imam Khairredine Romdhane Ben Chedli. The 35-year-old imam was lately absolved of terrorism-related charges, but still deemed unfit to remain in his post, the ANSA news agency said.    (Russia Today)

This incident followed fast on the heels of a knee-jerk and widely criticised reaction of the French authorities, theough the French police making woman remove clothing on Nice beach following the ‘Burkini ban’.
Authorities in 15 towns have banned burkinis, citing public concern following recent terrorist attacks in the country


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