Israeli jets hit besieged Gaza after balloon attack

The military says the airstrikes were in response to launch of ‘incendiary balloons’, which caused 3 fires in Israeli settlements.

Israeli warplanes struck several locations in the besieged Palestinian region of Gaza Strip, its military announced in the late hours of Monday.

The Israeli military said it used jets in retaliation to launch of incendiary balloons, which are basically normal helium balloons rigged with tiny explosives that at best can cause small-scale bushfires. Authorities didn’t say if any Israeli was hurt in subsequent fires.

The fighter jets targeted a site in Khan Yunis.

Witnesses said smoke was seen billowing from the site following the Israeli bombardment.

Some people on social media shared videos of flames rising in the night sky after the Israeli airstrikes.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has not announced any casualties so far as a result of the bombing.

The Israeli bombing followed an outbreak of three fires earlier on Monday that was reportedly caused by ‘incendiary balloons’ in Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip.

The attack on Gaza also comes hours after six Palestinian resistance fighters broke out of a high-security Israeli prison, in what has become an incident of major embarrassment for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government.

Source: TRTWorld


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