History professor shot and killed at Mississippi university campus


History professor shot and killed at Mississippi university campus,Police are eyeing a love triangle as the possible motivation in a pair of shootings on Monday morning, Fox News confirmed, one of which claimed the life of a history professor at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi.

Cops believe Prof. Shannon Lamb, 45, shot and killed Prof. Ethan Schmidt as Schmidt sat at his desk in a campus building. Police also suspect Lamb in the murder of a woman in Gautier, Miss. who was killed before Schmidt on Monday. Lamb was reported to be romantically involved with the woman. Lamb, a geography and social science education instructor, allegedly believed the woman was also in a relationship with Schmidt. The woman has not yet been identified.

Reports of Schmidt’s shooting sent the campus into a lockdown Monday morning. Law enforcement personnel pored over the grounds in search of the gunman. Police did not believe the suspect was still on campus as of Monday afternoon, but Delta State remained on lockdown and classes had been cancelled for the remainder of the day.

“At this time we don’t think he’s on campus but were not taking anything lightly,” Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham said.

According to a resume for Schmidt that had been posted on Delta State’s website, the professor was based in Jobe Hall, where the first reports of an active shooter on campus originated from at 10:18 a.m.

Schmidt graduated from the University of Kansas with a PhD in philosophy in 2007. He had taught at Delta State since August 2013. He previously served as an assistant professor and director of graduate studies at Texas Tech University, and was a lecturer and graduate teaching assistant at the University of Kansas. Schmidt wrote two books about Native Americans: “Native Americans in the American Revolution,” published in 2014, and “The Divided Dominion,” published in February 2015.

Schmidt was a member of numerous organizations at Delta State, including the Diversity Committee and the Student Success Task Force.

Cleveland police, Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI were all assisting in the investigation. The governor’s office and the Institute of Higher Learning have also offered assistance, according to Delta State.

The university has about 4,000 students.

Cleveland is a city of about 12,000 people. It’s located 38 miles northeast of Greenville.


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