Kuala Lumpur: We are outraged by the news of another assault on religious rights of minorities in India.

After the banning of hijab by the Karnataka state government , now the stopping of the Azaan and removal of laudspeakers from mosques in Maharastra by the government.

According to news report Maharashtra Chief Minister, Raj Thackeray , claimed that ‘Azaan’ has been stopped, and loudspeakers have been removed in all the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled states.

The news say the Shiv Sena leader , Sanjay Raut said that Maharashtra is the state where law still prevails.

Raj Thackeray also claimed that ‘Azaan’ has been stopped, and loudspeakers have been removed in all the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled states.

We condemn unreservedly and in the strongest term this unconstitutional measure taken by the Maharashtra government.

According to the news all BJP ruled states Azaan has been stopped, loudspeakers removed from mosques.

We demand for retraction on the ruling. The question is why does all this while Azaan through the laudspeakers in mosques was not an issue.

There seem to be an orchestrated plan to take one after another , the rights of Muslims in India.

Since the open declaration of targetting Muslims in a religious conference of Hindu Hindutva leaders in Haridwar , now siries of restrictions against Muslims are imposed.

Since then , the existence of Muslims in India are being questioned. The CAA 2020 law of screening and denying citizenship status of Muslims in India is an over arching plan to eventually flush out Muslims from India.

We call for OIC to intervene and ensure the rights of Muslims in India are not curtailed.

The continuing open aggression on Muslim minorities in India is on the rise and will eventually culminate in worst scenarios.

OIC must raise its concern with concrete action to prevail on India that it must stop the RSS Hindutva leaders from the ongoing hate campaign against the Muslims.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Presiden MAPIM

Dato’ Sri Syekh Ahmad Awang
Chairman Alliance of World Mosques in Defence of Al Aqsa

Dato’ Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Secretariate for the Assembly of Ulama of Asia

Sabaruddin Abdul Rahman
Chairman Ikatan Muhibbah Inspirasi Malaysia


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