‘Enemies’ cannot divide nation: Afghan president

KABUL: Militants cannot sow disunity or fan sectarian discord among Afghans, President Ashraf Ghani said on Thursday, following twin attacks that left more than 25 dead and scores wounded in a Shiite area of Kabul.

Wednesday’s attacks, part of a spate against Shiites in the capital and other parts of the country in recent months, have angered them and raised fresh questions about the ability of US-led troops and the Afghan government to provide security.

“Enemies should know that they can never achieve their ominous goal of creating discord” among Shiites and Sunnis in Afghanistan, Ghani said.

“The savage terrorists and their backers should know that by committing such brutality, they cannot harm the brotherhood and national unity of the people of Afghanistan.”

Daesh affiliates have claimed responsibility for the twin attacks, the terror group’s news agency Amaq reported.

The first one was carried out by a suicide bomber in a wrestling gym where spectators had converged to watch a competition.

The second attack was carried out by a suicide car bomber where police and journalists had gathered. Two Afghan journalists were among the fatalities.

Daesh sympathizers have claimed responsibility for all attacks against Shiites in recent years in Afghanistan.

Source: Arab News


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