Exit with a shameful taste, End of the 17 Years American War in Afghanistan

End of American war in Afghanistan

United States President Donald Trump declared an unexpected move to withdraw significant troops from Afghanistan.
The unexpected decision of the US president to leave the country’s troops out of Afghanistan is, in itself, seen as an earthquake in US regional policy. The first outcome of this decision was the resignation of US Secretary of Defense Jamie Matisse. He has set the reason for his resignation to provide conditions for choosing a person in line with Trump at the Pentagon, saying that there must be a clear policy towards China and Russia. Earlier, some sources of information reported a sharp disagreement between Matisse and Trump and had raised the possibility of his resignation. Analysts believe that Matisse, in particular after the fundamental changes in the Trump foreign policy team, which led to the arrival of Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, was largely disputed by Trump and even said he was confused in his duties.

But, regardless of what’s happening inside the United States, Trump issued an order to return 7,000 US troops from 14,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan, when US ambassadors entered the war 17 years ago on the pretext of invading twin towers. Afghanistan has been at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and the Taliban government has been torn down and brought the crisis to a halt, which continues. The United States has begun its efforts to end the war in Afghanistan by sending 4,000 fresh troops to Afghanistan this past year, but a few months ago, with the persistence of military efforts, Zalmai Khalilzad, as a US envoy to Afghanistan, negotiated with the Taliban And started talks last week with four sides in the presence of the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan with the Afghan Taliban. But at the end of the Khalilzad three-day summit, he expressed disappointment with the outcome of negotiations with the Taliban. According to the New York Times, the withdrawal of a large number of US troops from Afghanistan has increased the concern of the Afghan government to gain control of the Taliban because of its security gaps.

Some experts say that from now on, talks between the United States and the Taliban may lead to official talks to end the conflict. The reporters wrote Friday morning was a bad day for Afghan officials because when they got up they came across a shocking news that they were leaving the country. Many Afghan officials say that this withdrawal could cause crises and chaos in the coming months. Several Afghan officials, who have links to decision-making and security centers, have reported that in recent days there has been no evidence of American withdrawal.

So far, the Pentagon has rejected any comment on Afghanistan. Garrett Marx, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said the White House does not comment on “future strategic developments.”
The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the formalization of talks with the Taliban appears to have left the United States in the process of waging a war in Afghanistan, and now it seeks to reduce the financial and financial burden of the defeat by leaving the country.


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