Saudi/Emirati/U.S/Israeli Arrogance and Aggression in Yemen with no statute of Limitations

Saudi Arabia justified its crimes and violations, in an unprecedented way, by perpetrating such a heinous massacre in Al-Hodeidah and Sadaa Governorate, and continued its violations in the human rights file in Yemen.

The bloody massacre, perpetrated by the Saudi coalition aircraft in the Hodeidah and Sadaa governorate in Yemen, which led to the fall of a large number of Yemeni martyrs and wounded, amounting to 90 martyrs, most of them children and civilians. Saudi Arabia has committed a series of crimes against civilians in Yemen for more than seven years, in order to undermine the resolve of the Yemeni people, and to practice all kinds of killing and siege, with Emirati-Israeli-American support, and global silence and betrayal.

Saudi Arabia justified its crimes and violations, in an unprecedented way, by perpetrating such a heinous massacre in Al-Hodeidah/Sadaa Governorate, and continued its violations in the human rights file in Yemen. And all the international reports, which were issued regarding the ongoing aggression of the Saudi coalition against the Yemeni people, confirmed that what is happening are Saudi-Emirati war crimes that require accountability, the most recent of which was the report issued by the United Nations last September, in which it confirmed the existence of compelling evidence Saudi Arabia committed war crimes against defenseless Yemenis. The report also indicated that Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council bear, collectively, responsibility for massive human rights violations in Yemen.

Perhaps a question arises, and says: Who bears the responsibility for the continuation of the war in Yemen, and this waterfall of bloodshed? The correct answer and the correct opinion are according to the same logic and the question: Who bears the continued suffering of the Palestinian people? Since Israel is the occupier of Palestine, it bears full responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinian people. Likewise, the countries of the Saudi-Emirati aggression are responsible for what is happening in Yemen, and they are also responsible for the suffering of the Yemeni people. It started the aggression about six years ago, and it is still continuing its aggression.

The Saudi raids on Yemen, in this brutal form without observing the minimum principles of civil protection, are war crimes according to international law, and they are a clear reproduction of the Israeli crimes committed against Palestinian civilians throughout the period of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, by committing war crimes and genocide. But, at the same time, it is an expression of bankruptcy and a crisis of options, and of Saudi Arabia’s abject failure to bring the Yemeni people to their knees, break their will, or even undermine their resolve, just as Israel failed to bring the Palestinian people to their knees during more than seventy years of its occupation of Palestinian land. When peoples fight for freedom and life, ugliness, bloodshed and murder will not discourage them, and only increase them with more steadfastness and defiance, and the forces of brutal aggression will only bring more shame, disgrace, and ignominy in front of the crimes they have committed against humanity.

The scenes of killing and slaughter, which the Yemeni people are exposed to through the planes of the Saudi coalition, reflect the degrees of madness and hysteria in the shedding of innocent blood in Yemen, as well as the absolute dependence that the Gulf regimes have reached, in that they are mere tools for the West and America, and their complete drive to achieve everything that America wants and “Israel”. From the continuous sin of normalization, to sponsoring terrorism with money in Syria and Iraq, its black record in shedding the blood of innocent civilians in Yemen is increasing. Therefore, it alone can bear the continuation of the ongoing war, in line with the goals of America, the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world.

The Gulf regimes, through their leadership of the Saudi coalition, are leading a lost project in their loyalty to “Israel”, America and Britain, and, to please them, continue to tamper and perpetuate the region. These crimes will not be subject to a statute of limitations, and before the scenes of the genocide of innocent civilians in Yemen, the necessity has become imperative to put an end to all Saudi crimes against Yemenis, and to activate international reports issued by international and human rights institutions regarding the application of justice and fairness, which are published at all times, and translated into behaviour. Actual and practical in international courts, he ensures that the leaders of the Saudi coalition are tried as war criminals.

The state of complete silence, on the Arab and international levels, about the horrific crimes of the Saudi coalition, which targeted children and women, is in itself a complicity in the crime, and an affirmation that all parties, including institutions defending human rights and the innocent, lack all meanings of humanity, and that the scene in Yemen It is no longer useful to remain silent about it, and it will only push for more military responses to respond to this massacre, in self-defense and in revenge for the blood of innocents and children in Hodeidah and other Yemeni governorates, due to the continuation of the brutal Saudi aggression.

The crimes of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Al-Hudaydah/Sadaa/Sanaa Governorates in Yemen coincide, in terms of timing and goals, with the return of the American threat, by the administration of US President Joe Biden, to describe the Ansar Allah movement as a “terrorist” organization. This confirms the state of Gulf coherence on the part of Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the American goals towards what is happening in Yemen.

Yemen is under attack, and it has the right to defend itself, in all ways and means. This is a right guaranteed by all international laws. And he, in doing so, triumphs over humanitarian law. The aggressor is Saudi Arabia and its US-Zionist-backed alliance in the region, and Saudi Arabia has no right to interfere with this arrogance in Yemeni affairs, or military overreach, sometimes land and air, in order to secure Israel’s interests and projects, by controlling Bab al-Mandab. If Saudi Arabia is looking for a way out of the conflict, the only way before it is to submit to the initiative launched by the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Mr. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, by stopping the military aggression against the Yemeni people immediately, the withdrawal of all Saudi and Emirati forces from Yemen, and the lifting of the siege on his governorates.

The Yemeni people, in their living forces, will remain strong with the strength and justice of their cause. And his steadfastness in the face of the Saudi-Emirati aggression, in and of itself, is considered a victory. It rejects external interference in Yemen’s internal affairs, whatever its form and objective, and rejects all projects led by countries of normalization in the service of “Israel” and America in the region.

Currently from the past 4 years Yemen is the face of “World’s worst Humanitarian Crisis” almost 80% of population faces hunger, starvation and famine along with continuous blockade and siege imposed upon it not even allowing necessary fuels and food shipments to enter Yemeni ports despite cleared by UN itself, the amount of incompetence and ability of Saudi-led forces makes them to use starvation as a tool to force Yemeni people to surrender but every day goes Yemeni people and Yemeni forces get stronger than ever in their resolve to defend their beloved homeland from invasion and carrying out defensive operations deep inside the homes of Aggressors in accordance with International Law.


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