Crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia


With starting the crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the parties are in an international competition are undermining one another. Qatar has ordered a new list of various weapons to protect Saudi Arabia from the threat to the European and American countries.

On the other hand, they are trying to satisfy the European countries in order to attract Qatari capital, so as not to retreat from the competition with Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, various Qatari ads were expensive in Asian Games and Asian Championships for Saudis, and Arab users of the region issued these ads with ridicule of the Saudis. Meanwhile, statistics show that the Qatari economy has remained unchanged in contrast with Saudi design, and Qataris have been able to survive the crisis in the Riyadh sanctions. On the one hand, Qatar’s major economies, its airline, and Qatar’s recent advances in purchasing and procuring advanced military and passenger aircraft. The Qatari authorities have registered a new list of orders that have been met with European and Washington agreements. This can definitely affect the Saudi-Emirates airline economy and challenge them.

The recent victory of Qatar in supplying and equipping the military and military aircraft led to the dismemberment of Riyadh, head of the Airborne Organization. Saudi king Salman defamed Abdul Hakim bin Muhammad bin Sulayman al-Tamimi from the airline’s chair and ordered all high ranking Saudi officials to make the sentence as soon as possible.

Al-Tamimi dismissal while Saudi Arabia has put a lot of pressure on paralyzing the Qatar area, where its sky is closed to Qatari planes but allowed to fly Israeli aircraft. Just days ago, news reports revealed the flight of the Israeli National Security Advisor from Saudi Arabia. Saudi pressures on Qatar appear to be more serious, and Riyadh will seek to compensate for its defeat in Qatar after the Yemeni conflict.


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