Can the Israel attack Lebanon ?


At the same time as By increasing pressure to Netanyahu to step down, after the resignation of the war secretary and the announcement of new allegations against him in the case of corruption, the Israeli military said on Tuesday morning that it had launched a new operation on the Lebanese border.

On Monday morning, the regime began an operation to identify and destroy tunnels belonging to Hezbollah at the border with occupied territories with Lebanon.

The Israeli army has issued a statement on the operation, called the Shield of the North, saying it was the largest Israeli military action on the Lebanese border since 2014 and has prepared its army for any scenario.

Over the past months, the Israeli government has made extensive efforts to export its internal tensions to other countries in the region, including occasional attacks on random locations in Syria and pressure on the Gazans. However, the regime has not yet succeeded in initiating a new war in the region.

It is the first time that Israel talks about the existence of such tunnels on the Lebanese border, and it is unclear whether the tunnel has been approved in the region before.

An exciting operation on the southern borders of Lebanon began at a time when Lebanon’s Hezbollah had two days ago broadcast a video that would indicate a severe reaction in the event of any rape on its soil.

It should be noted that although Israel has declared that this operation is not aggressive, any mistake in the operation or adventure of the soldiers of this regime can endanger the lives of the Lebanese people and Hezbollah will have to show a reaction.

While the Israeli occupation regime is attempting to take military action and adopt strict diplomatic positions, the observers say that these measures are aimed at distorting public opinion about the internal problems of Israel. “It’s unlikely that Israel’s actions along the borders of Lebanon and Netanyahu and Pompeo’s visit would mark an aggression,” Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a professor at the American University of Beirut, wrote on Twitter. These are all the fuss. Israel could not even have a long war with Hamas, whether it would reach Hezbollah, which has a large amount of weapons. “The professor at the University further noted:” Netanyahu needs to divert attention from possible impeachment, and Israel after the ceasefire with Hamas and the Lieberman resignation Need to show force. ”

Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have faced a possible indictment of the Israeli prosecutor’s office after Lieberman’s resignation, emphasizing “high security sensitivity” and “key developments in the forefront”, was able to persuade the right parties to stay in the cabinet and prevent its collapse. . In this situation, if they carry out an attack against Lebanon and its objectives are not met, it will face internal accusations that it has taken legal action to safeguard its situation and save itself.