Beijing: US ‘insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases in Hong Kong’

China has accused the United States of collaborating with violent extremists in an effort to undermine stability in Hong Kong.

A statement released by the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US lawmakers for their “erroneous” remarks about the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong.

“The distortion of reality, the blind observance of double standards by American politicians is already close to hysteria. They conspired with radical criminal elements and are insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases in Hong Kong,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, the ranking members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued a statement warning Beijing that any violence used against “peaceful protesters” in Hong Kong would be a “mistake” and would be met with “universal condemnation and swift consequences.”

Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of playing an active role in demonstrations that have rocked Hong Kong since March.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said the United States should not “stick their noses in our affairs,” and insisted that Hong Kong is a Chinese territory, not “American” or “English.”

Originally aimed at preventing a now-suspended bill that would allow extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China, the demonstrations have grown into a wider protest against China’s rule over the semi-autonomous territory.

Some protesters have been seen waving British and American flags.

In one high profile incident, a Hong Kong activist who has played an active role in the ongoing anti-Beijing protests was photographed meeting with a senior official from the US Consulate.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday offered to meet with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, expressing confidence that the two leaders could “humanely solve the Hong Kong problem.”

Source: RTC


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