Bangladeshi cricketer arrested in this issue

A Bangladeshi cricketer arrested for alleging breaching the internet laws following a complaint by her girlfriend. Bangladeshi cricketer Arafat Sunny has arrested in Country’s capital Dhaka on Sunday.

Arafat’s girlfriend claimed that he has regulated sensitive photos on social media two weeks ago. According to the report local police chief Jamaluddin Mir said, that “He was subsequently arrested from his home in the Dhaka suburb of Aminbazar on Sunday.”

According to Press News Agency, Mir Said, She says, “Sunny opened up a fake Facebook account of hers and posted their personal photos, which she found offensive and defamatory.”

Mir Said, “We have arrested him and sent him to the court, seeking to take him into custody for five days for questioning.”

Police Chief Said, if we found guilty against him, he could face 14 years jail along with penalty for breaching country’s strict lay.


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