Baku Shopping Festival – A combination of shopping, culture and tourism

– Akhlaq Ahmed Usmani
Baku Shopping Festival has become a popular name among Caucasian. Not only in Russia and Turkey, in the second event, every type of tourist from Caucasus is reaching Baku to buy their favorite things. The Fair will be held for one month in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and offer bundles attractive discounts and tax-free buying on almost every thing of domestic and personal needs. If there is ‘Sale’ and Indian tourists are not there, it is imperative to be surprised. Due to limited access to information with connectivity, it will take time for Indian tourists to come to Baku. There is no shortage of Indians in Dubai and Singapore markets. They are seen from America, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Turkey to Europe. Baku can be an excellent option for them.

Try Google’s pictures of the beautiful capital of Azerbaijan, on the banks of the Caspian Sea, and you will find that the beautiful Baku as a beautiful tourist spot. Your fun can be doubled when you know that Baku shopping festival is also going on with affordable but high level hotels and superb Azeri, Caucasian, Russian and Turkish cuisine. This fair, which started on October 15, will run till 15 November. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Azerbaijan’s Convention Bureau organizes this fair once every two years.

In Azerbaijan’s shopping festival, three special things make it very favorable to the buyer. By the first Azerbaijan tax deduction on behalf of the Government, the purchasers get the cheapest of the items, second shopkeepers also take advantage of the tax exemption, and to make the third profit, the shopkeepers also drop their goods due to the competition. This triple advantage is seen only in Baku. Value added tax also means that people get tax payments on many things. If you spend 100 or more in Azerbaijan Manat ( Azeri currency) (Indian Rupees 3800 approx), then you get repayment with a ‘tax free’ sticker shop.

‘Mahafate’ (big fair) is organized by the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau brings fashion shows, interactive games and other activities also make the buyer not only entertain themselves, but also decides about the right purchase. Attractive offers on electronic, clothing, lifestyle items, home furnishings, kitchen accessories, cosmetic and furniture attract anyone. With such offers at 400 stores in Baku city, buyers can save more money. In Baku, there is no discrimination on the basis of indigenous and foreign buyers. If you have come to the shopping festivals in Baku, you are a buyer, no matter what the colour of your passport is.

Big Exemption from Government- Hassan Kaddoura

Hassan Kaddoura, retail manager of Dubai’s big fashion and cosmetic company ‘Paris Gallery’ says that we get a lot of customers from the Baku shopping festival. We also increase our discount while enjoying Tax Free offer. We also give gifts like diamond watches and facial services. Local and tourists benefit greatly from the Azerbaijan government. The Baku Shopping Festival also helps to popularise information about Azerbaijan. Organizing such fairs increases the enthusiasm of the people.

Benefits of Tax and Discounts together- Asif Baghirov

Asif, a specialist in the human resources department of the UCB brand, said that this benefit can be availed at 22 brands on our 43 stores during the Baku shopping festival. This is the only group that gives you the benefit of a discount, whereas in other countries, only money is reimbursed in such scrum. They do not give a discount. It is a good thing with the brand that the discount is between 15 to 30 percent. Tax free is promoted from the beginning of the shopping festival. This makes people aware about the services they receive during this time.

60% buyers of incoming people- Matana

The US Polo Association’s store manager, Matana, says this is the second occasion of Baku shopping festival but we are participating for the first time. We can say that 60 to 70 percent of people who come to our store do make a purchase. At the banking and financial level, the government helps us very much. Young, middle-aged and elderly also take advantage of exemption during this period and the level of male and female is almost the same. We have two stores and a shop.

Benefits to Buyers from Baku Fair – Gulnara Askarova

As a buyer, we talked to Gulnara Askarova, a resident of Baku. She says that we get a variety of brand, cosmetic and perfume in Paris Gallery.

During the Baku shopping festival, we get a lot of profit in the form of tax free. During such a mela, we expect to get good product at reasonable prices.


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