Azerbaijan warns of possible missile strike on Armenian nuclear power plant

Azerbaijan claimed readiness to land a missile attack on Armenian nuclear power plant, if the Armenian side chooses to shell Mingachevir dam. Vagif Dargyakhly, the Colonel of Azerbaijani army said so at a briefing, as quoted by Oxu.Az.

“At that, Armenia should not be forgetting that the brand new missile launchers, employed by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are capable of landing a precise attack on Metsamor NPP, which will be a disaster for Armenia”, Dargyakhly said.

According to the official, Baku will have to do so, if Armenia decides to attack the strategicaly important object in Azerbaijan. Dargyakhly claimed that the landscape in this area, the fortifications and Azerbaijani anti-aircraft defense systems would not let Armenia do any harm to the dam.

Last weekend, an armed conflict took place on the border between the neighboring countries. On Tuesday, day three of the confrontation, 12 people lost their lives on both sides.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been arguing over Nagorno-Karabakh, a breakaway state formation mostly populated by Armenians; Nagorno-Karabakh seceded from Azerbaijan in the early 1990s. However, this recent conflict occurred some 300 kilometers away from the area, in the northeastern part of Armenia, which neighbors Azerbaijan.

Source: 112.International


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