Anti-Muslim slogans painted near mosque in London

A mosque in the United Kingdom was the target of an anti-Muslim act this week as slurs against Muslims were painted on a building close to the religious center, London police said Wednesday.

Police were informed of the incident on Wednesday and said that the slogans were spray-painted on a building close to the North Brixton Islamic Cultural Center located in the city’s south, the British public broadcaster BBC’s Turkish branch reported.

The police said that they were working with the local authorities to remove the “offensive remarks” as soon as possible.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared a statement on his Twitter account, saying, “Disgusted to hear that Islamophobic slogans have been spray-painted near the North Brixton Islamic Centre,” adding criminals will face the full force of the law.

Investigations are ongoing as police launched a probe into the incident, citing “racism.”

According to a monitor report in March 2019, anti-Muslim attacks increased 600% across the U.K. after the terror attack in New Zealand’s Christchurch, which targeted Muslims.

The report by the Tell Mama (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) monitor that records and measures anti-Muslim attacks in the U.K. said that in the week after 50 Muslim worshippers were gunned down in New Zealand, offenders used “language, symbols or actions” linked to the atrocity to target Muslims in the U.K., which included “people making impressions of pointing a pistol to Muslim women and comments about British Muslims, and association with actions taken by the terrorist in New Zealand.”

Wednesday’s assault came after similar assaults that targeted Jewish-majority neighborhoods and a synagogue over the weekend when the Jewish community was celebrating Hanukah.

Source: Al Arabiya


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