America is using ISIS as a tool in Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai


Kabul. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that the United States has close links with the terrorist organization Daesh and is providing weapons and ammunition to them.

Media outlets reported that that he considers “Daesh as a tool of US”. Karzai said that reports of American assistance to the terrorists are coming from all over the country.

He added: “The US Army helicopters and army bases are being used to provide assistance to ISIS terrorists.”

While criticizing the Moscow’s ties with the Taliban, the ex-president said: “I do not differentiate at all between Daesh and America.”

He emphasised that work need to be done to control extremism. This is not the first time that Karzai came up with such claims. Couple of months ago, in an interview, Karzai said that Deash gained strength under United States regime.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan is a victim of terrorism and especially extremism, and America had come here to end this extremism but it could not do so. He said that we have the right to ask America despite the strict supervision and presence of the US military and secret agencies in Afghanistan, how did ISIS strengthen its roots here.”

Source: voice of wadi