30 injured as dancefloor falls through during South Carolina party (VIDEOS)

At least 30 people, including many Clemson University students, were injured at a crowded party in South Carolina when the floor at an apartment complex suddenly collapsed underfoot.

Students were partying in a clubhouse common area within the apartment complex, located about three miles from Clemson University, when the floor completely gave way and the crowd caved in on each other just after midnight Sunday morning.

“Everyone was jumping. The beat was about to drop and then the whole floor collapsed,” Clemson sophomore Larissa Stone told the Anderson Independent Mail. “Everyone was trying to climb out. People were under other people. People were bleeding. I had blood on my sneakers.

It was packed,” Stone added. “That many people should not have been in there.”

Distressing footage from the party shows the moment the floor, packed with dancers, disappears beneath them. A video clip taken moments later shows a screaming pile of people on the floor of the basement below, with some panicked partygoers attempting to climb out of a dangerous pit using remnants of the broken floor.

You could hear the floor about to go through,” partygoer Jeremy Tester told WYFF, “but nobody thought it was going to happen. They just kept going.”

Nobody suffered any life-threatening injuries in the mass fall, but 30 people were hospitalized with broken bones and lacerations, said Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon.

We’re just thankful that it was not any worse than it was,” he added.

A police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Source: RT