After a historic constitutional amendment, Xi Jinping may continue for life…


The National People’s Congress of China has passed a historic constitutional amendment. This amendment is to remove the limit of two term for a Chinese Presidency. This will help Xi Jinping to stay for a longer period on the presidency. His second term was to end in 2023.

The Chinese legislature gave a near-unanimous approval to the sweeping changes, with 2,958 votes in favor, and only two votes against, according to South China Morning Post. And the endorsement came as no surprise, given the Communist Party’s iron grip on the legislature.

But the extremely high approval rate, nevertheless, gives the controversial move a veneer of universal support within the establishment; despite criticism at home and abroad. According to Al Jazeera, this move will re-launch the old era and will reverse the era of “collective” leadership and orderly succession in the country, that was once promoted by the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, to ensure stability following the turbulent one-man rule of Communist China’s founder Mao Zedong. The two-term limit on the presidency was introduced by Deng Xiaoping in 1982. This revision is the biggest change to the constitution in 36 years.