“I am seeing a “Mini India” outside India,” Modi said in Oman


Oman: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Muscat, Oman that I am seeing a “mini-India” outside India. He said that people have come here from different parts of India and i am seeing a great picture. He also,”10 years ago, I was to visit Africa as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. I passed by Salalah, stayed there for some time, met some people & today I again got the opportunity to meet them. I wanted to visit Oman since a long time.”

He said,”His Majesty Sultan has an inseparable bond with India. My presence in the stadium named after His Majesty holds a huge significance.” “With the mantra of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’, we are working to make life of citizens easier, we are working towards ease of living,” he added.

PM Modi said,”Making procedures simpler, abolishing unnecessary laws, reducing form pages in government offices from 40-50 to 4-5, bringing them on online platform, listening to people’s problems with sincerity & taking action on them, were involved in the culture of governance.”

He said,”next generation infrastructure is being developed in country keeping in mind the needs of 21st century.We are working towards making transportation sector co-dependent. Highway, Airway, Railway & Waterway are being integrated together according to each other needs.”