Why would the US military leave Syria for Iraq?

The construction of the al-Asad (formerly “Qadisiyya”) military base began in 1980. The work lasted until 1987. At the time, Iraq’s military commanders had the ambition to ‘al-Asad an air base corresponding to high security standards with the capacity to accommodate a little over 5000 people. The Iraq of Saddam Hussein had entrusted the project to several Yugoslav companies. Baghdad’s primary goal was to make al-Asad Air Base the starting point for possible strikes against Israel. In addition, Saddam Hussein wanted to be able to protect sophisticated planes and helicopters his army used during the war imposed on Iran.

In 1991, the US-led international coalition destroyed with extensive laser guided bomb attacks, this al-Asad base and all its planes. And after this attack, the base was no longer usable.

In 2003, the US military struck the base again when there were no military planes or soldiers.

In 2011, when Barack Obama wanted to withdraw his soldiers from Iraq, Washington and Baghdad agreed to maintain the presence of a group of US military in the famous al-Asad Air Base.

And Donald Trump’s unannounced visit to this air base on Dec. 26 revealed information believed to be confidential about Navy SEALs.

SEAL, commonly known as “Navy SEALs”, is the United States Navy’s main special force. The photos and videos of Trump’s visit torevealed the presence of these special forces whereas so far, the Pentagon claimed that the personnel deployed on this air base consisted mainly of military advisers and instructors. .

These photos have also introduced the world to the faces of “Navy SEALs”!

In his speech alongside the “Navy SEALs”, Trump also said that this Iraqi airbase would be the headquarters of the US military to “fight” against terrorists in Syria and other areas of the region .

But according to independent analysts, the Trump administration is considering other functions for this base: protecting Israel’s security and threatening Iran’s security. Indeed, experts say that the geographical location of the base (western Iraq) would be ideal for this dual purpose.


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