US Satanic Temple threatens to sue Mississippi over God reference

The US Satanic Temple has threatened to sue the state of Mississippi over using the word “God” on its new design of flag.

An attorney writing on behalf of the Satanic Temple made the warning in a letter sent to Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

The US state has decided to change its flag over the Confederate emblem on it in the wake of the latest wave of the nation’s struggle to end police brutality and racial injustice, triggered by the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer.

The letter suggested that if the state “is going to place a religious phrase on its flag, it should include reference to Satan,” instead of “In God we trust” as it is more consistent with the state’s values.

“On the other hand, we can imagine that there would be some Mississippians who would be a bit put off by the words ‘In Satan we Trust’ on the state flag,” the letter continues. “If you can imagine that, then you might imagine how atheists, Satanists, and other people of nontheistic faiths could feel excluded by the addition of ‘In God we Trust’ to the state flag.”

Earlier this month, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill into law to replace the current state flag bearing a confederate emblem.

“We trust that you will take our request under advisement,” the group said. “However, should the state of Mississippi insist on placing  this  exclusionary  religious  phrase  on  its  flag, we do intend to  file suit and seek  injunctive  relief  against  this  act.”

The new design is expected to include the words “In God We Trust” and no Confederate symbols.

Due to their racist origins, Confederate symbols have been a target of the Black Lives Matter activists.

The protesters are destroying the oldest traces of racism and slavery in America after the police brutal killing of Floyd, an African American.

Source: Press TV


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