Trump hid from protesters in UNDERGROUND BUNKER, claims NYT, triggering #BunkerBoy trend

Haters of US President Donald Trump had a field day after media allegations that he was whisked away to an underground bunker as hundreds of protesters gathered on Friday in front of the White House.

Trump was moved to the secure location by the Secret Service, according to reports by the New York Times and Associated Press. According to AP, the president spent about an hour in the facility, which is designed to be used in case of a physical threat to senior executive officials.

Both reports make it clear that the decision to move Trump into the bunker was taken by the Secret Service. The image of the man hiding from the people’s wrath like some despot on the verge of being toppled was too appealing for his many detractors to miss.

The #Resistance side of Twitter had a field day snickering about how the president was hiding underground from a bunch of 20-year-olds.

And as certain as death and taxes, he was unfavorably compared to his presumed Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

“Biden was in his basement to protect against a pandemic. Trump went into the bunker because he’s afraid of Americans,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Following the allegations in the media, the hashtag #BunkerBoy started trending on Twitter, adding more fuel to the fire in relations between the sitting US president and the public.

Source: RT


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