India-Israel ‘nexus poses serious threat’ to region, says Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: A “huge arms build-up” by India poses a “serious threat” to regional peace, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Faisal said on Thursday.

So too is the “nexus” between India and Israel, said Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammed Asif.

“We are quite sure that we can defend ourselves despite the nexus of both countries,” he said. India and Israel have been increasing bilateral trade and military cooperation, Asif added.

“We are alert and our army is battle-hardened. Our military’s capacity to deal with any challenge has increased manifold in the last five years due to operations against militants,” he said. “There is nothing to worry about.”

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s current visit to India, both sides have signed at least nine agreements to increase cooperation in cybersecurity, space, and oil and gas exploration.

Former Pakistani Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi told Arab News: “Cordial relations between India and Israel will ultimately impact the whole region negatively.”

India has been spending $35 billion a year on its military, and its recent agreements with Israel will increase its defense budget, he added.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry should raise the international community’s awareness about the “nefarious designs of India and Israel for Pakistan and the whole region,” Naqvi said.

Retired Brig. Mian Mohammed Mehmood, a security and defense analyst, said Pakistan will have to review its policies on India and Israel to deal with emerging security challenges.

“It’s a failure of our foreign policy that we’re being isolated in the world,” he told Arab News, adding that trade and security pacts between India and Israel are “detrimental to Pakistan.”

As nuclear states, both Pakistan and India should behave responsibly to avoid an arms race in South Asia, he said.

“Both countries should start a competition to improve their economies, eliminate poverty and equip their citizens with modern skills and knowledge, instead of squandering billions of dollars on arms,” Mehmood added.

Source: Arab News