Did You Know? Muhammad Ali built 170 Mosque in USA during His lifetime.

Yes, Indeed Muhammad Ali often popularized as Legend Ali or ‘The Greatest” was an American Wrestling Boxer who was a converted Muslim and Regarded in the Muslim world as one of the most humble Public figures ever during his lifetime.

Muhammad Ali’s Imaan (Faith) was so high that once a reporter asked him ‘Do you have Bodyguards with you”? Ali replied ‘I don’t need a bodyguard Allah is my Bodyguard”.

Recently a picture of Muhammad Ali is getting Viral on the internet and other social media platforms with a quotation above the picture that ” Did You Know? The Legend Muhammad Ali built 170 Masjids/Mosques in the United Nation in his lifetime.

We are writing this blog to make it clear that not a piece of valid evidence and the proof has been discovered so far which clarifies that Muhammad Ali built 170 Mosque in the United States of America, although there is a masjid/mosque known as Muhammad Ali Mosque or Mosque of Muhammad Ali  which is in citadel of Cairo, Egypt which was built in the remembrance of Muhammad Ali Pasha, The Sufi Saint fro  Turk. He was also the ottoman governor of Egypt. People often get confused with this mosque in the view that this mosque is dedicated to The Boxer Ali, but it was built for Muhammad Ali Pasha of Egypt in the early 19th century.

But, Indeed an Airport in the United States of America changed its name to Muhammad Ali Airport in Louisville, and we also posted that news on our websitete, you can check further by going to the home page.

People often from the perspective of their gratitude and devotion spread this news on Media, we respect their sentiments but it is also not acceptable to spread false news without any proper evidence to claim the news.

We request you All, if you know anything about this news please kindly tell us in the comment section and also provide us proof which can signify the news importance.

Source: loveforislamic


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