CIA destabilizes Europe to advance its goals


Several months have passed since the alleged attack foiled in Villepinte in France. French officials had claimed that Iran was involved in an incident involving a meeting of the terrorist group, the “People’s Mujahedin or MKO”, known in Iran as the Monafeghines (the hypocrites); groundless accusation based on information provided by Mossad.

And now we learn that the CIA would have been complicit in a mysterious dissident group that was behind an attack on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid. Unscrupulously, the CIA allows itself to destabilize the European allies of the United States. However, some sources see US attempts to help a plan to overthrow the North Korean government. Should we not doubt the good faith of US officials when they talk about the dialogue with Pyongyang?

The news site close to French military circles writes that on February 22, a few days before the meeting, in Hanoi, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, armed men have succeeded to penetrate inside the North Korean Embassy in Madrid, where they then sequestered some of the staff and stole computer data and mobile phones.

“Almost a month later, the ins and outs of this case remain mysterious,” writes the site. This week, the Spanish press revealed that two of the attackers were known to have links with the CIA. And to conclude that the American service was at the origin of this operation that a simple group of criminals would not have been able to conceive and execute.

Spanish counterintelligence, the daily El Pais said, even asked the CIA for explanations. But if the latter has denied any responsibility in this case, it has done so “unconvincing,” says the newspaper, relying on “government sources.”

On March 15, based on confidences made by people “close to the record”, the Washington Post has advanced another track. Thus, according to him, this invasion of the embassy would be done by a group called “Civil Defense Cheollima” [DCC], whose purpose is to overthrow, neither more nor less, the North Korean government. And this organization has also recently made a statement about it by issuing a statement to proclaim itself “Provisional Government of the North” under the name of “free Joseon” [named after the Korean dynasty that ruled the peninsula between 1392 and 1910 , year of its annexation by Japan, ed]. ”

In 2017, the Cheollima [or “Free Joseon”] group took part in the evacuation of Kim Han-sol, the son of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of Kim Jong-un, to Macao. murdered in an attack with nerve gas in Malaysia. According to the website opex360, the Wall Street Journal will later argue that the organization had received help from some countries including the United States.

“In any event, the Washington Post argues that the CIA would have been” probably aware “that such an operation against a North Korean diplomatic hold a few days before a crucial summit could have derailed the ongoing talks between the United States and North Korea. At least, according to the article, Sue Mi Terry, a former analyst at the Langley Generating Station, said. “It’s not something the CIA would undertake,” she said.

Meanwhile, the CIA refused to make any comment. Like, moreover, the Spanish, American and North Korean authorities, adds the article published by Opex360.

“However, we know very little about the Cheollima group, except that it has just claimed the inscription of graffiti on the walls of the Embassy of North Korea in Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia ] … a gesture that is light years away from an operation like the one carried out in Madrid, which requires special skills and means. Finally, some argue that this organization could be linked to the South Korean secret service, “the article adds.


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