American punishment of Al Saud, the horror of the darkness prince of the Trump madness


The story of the Khashoggi has become a bite more than the kingdom of Saudi Arabia can chew, and very soon the self-proclaimed leader of the Arab world start choking. Signs of this pressure came to light when the Saudi stock abruptly dropped nearly 7% last night.

The fall that nearly costs $ 50 billion for the Saudi kingdom and the vanished the money of the Arab investors in the market since the beginning of the year. When we put together the threats of the Trump and the urgent appeals of European governments to respond to the fate of the Khashoggi bring a clear result. The Khashoggi has become the biggest nightmare of “Mohammed bin Salman, or the darkness prince of the bitter children’s tales”.

The darkness prince who now shows his dark side to the Western world. The protagonist, whose western was much hoped for his reform, has now disappointed all his supporters.

A look at the past three years shows that there were many reasons for identifying the essence of the dark Prince of Saudi Arabia, but it was considered financially profitable for the Arab countries’ arms trading to ignore all these signs.

Now the sliced ??body of Khashoggi has become a crisis for the Saudi government. Even the Western world, which has a tendency to seize Saudi dollars, seems to have been sharply hit by the Khashoggi’s murder and forced to make a sharp reaction.

That was one day after President Donald Trump said that if it is proven that Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi critic journalist, is killed, “a hard punishment” is waiting for Saudi Arabia, a high official of al-Arabiya Television channel threatening America saying that Riyadh had many options to deal with Washington.

“Turki bin Abdullah al-Dakhil,” a senior Saudi journalist who is now Director General of the Al Arabiya television network in Dubai wrote on Sunday afternoon: “The imposition of sanctions on Riyadh would create catastrophic scenarios which will harm the US economy rather than Saudi Arabia economy.”

In recent weeks, Trump has repeatedly criticized the rise in oil prices, which is a major contributor to the mid-term elections in the United States, and called on the Arab allies of United States to reduce prices on global markets by increasing oil production.

Al-Dakhil introduced the same issue as a tool to push Washington and wrote: “If US sanctions are imposed on Saudi Arabia, we will face an economic catastrophe that hits the whole world. Riyadh is the capital of the oil, and hit it will affect the production of oil before any other vital commodity. This will result in Saudi Arabia’s inability to produce 7.5 million barrels of oil. If $ 80 oil makes Donald Trump angry, then no one should deny the possibility of rising oil prices to $ 100 or $ 200 or even double that. ”

The senior official of the Al Arabiya network then threatened the West with the spread of terrorist attacks, saying: “till now, all of these were related to oil, the issue of Saudi Arabia is not just about oil, but because of its position and its geographic significance is the leader of the Islamic world. It is likely that the exchange of credible information between Riyadh, the United States and Western countries that has helped senior Western officials acknowledge helped lives of millions of Westerners, become a history [and will end there]. ”

Referring to the possibility of replacing Chinese yuan with the US dollar in oil exchanges, the author continued, “A barrel of oil may be priced at a different currency, such as the Chinese yuan, instead of the dollar. Oil is today the most important product sold with dollars. In this case, the Middle East and the entire Muslim world controlled by Iran, which will be closer to Riyadh in contrast with Washington.

“It’s no surprise that Riyadh would stop buying weapons from the United States, Riyadh is the most important customer of American companies, because Saudi Arabia buys 10% of all US-made weapons and 85% of American Army weapons. That means that what remains for the rest of the world is only five percent, in addition must mention to the end of Riyadh’s investment in the United States, which amounts to $ 800 billion. Also the United States will be deprived of Saudi Arabia’s market, one of the world’s top 20 economies.” the author continued.

It is natural that these writings make every expert laugh, because the Trump government to punish Saudi Arabia just needs to fully enforce the Jasta law and the hundreds of billions of dollars of US treasury bills that the Saudis have bought, confiscate completely with the complaint of victims of the terrorist attack on September 11th.

In addition, because of the high dependence of the Saudi army on American weapons, it is not even possible to stop short-term US ammunition and military supplies from the United States, since in this case, Mohammed bin Salman’s combat machine would be split up in less than 72 hours due to the lack of specialist personnel and the ammo.

However, this media brag was only part of the Saudi psychological warfare, and some Saudi personalities and media have also tried to divert global attention to the other side, most of which were the fake targets were Iran, Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar.

Before the disappearance and possibly of murder of Jamal Khashoggi the critic of Al Saud, Trump, among the meetings of midterm Congressional election campaigns for demonstrating the success of his trade politics, named Saudi Arabia in a humiliating way saying that “we are milking them” as an example.

The Trump used the term “lactating cow” for the King Salman, and that it is only worthwhile for him to obtain the country’s oil wealth. “We protect Saudi Arabia,” said the president of the United States in the Mississippi election campaign, “we will protect Saudi Arabia. You will surely say that they are rich. Of course I love the King Salman, but I told him, King, we are protecting you, you may not stay there for two weeks without our protection, you have to pay military expenses (US protection from Saudi Arabia).”

He previously said in an apparent insult to the Saudi Kingdom, referring to his telephone conversation with Malik Salman, that you have several trillion dollars, and without the United States, only God knows what will happen to the Saudi kingdom. Maybe you cannot keep those planes. Because they will be attacked.

Now, it seems, after the crisis of Jamal Khashoggi, this time Riyadh has faced a lot more pressure than the previous Trumps insults in international affairs, and this time its silence against the threats of the American president, who talks about hard punishment of Al Saud is broken.

All of this is that exactly after Saudi Arabia’s language through Turki bin Abdullah al-Dakhil has come up with a hypothesis in response to threats of Trump, the media reports on the visit of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo of the country to talk with Saudi king, Malek Salman, about the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

US President Donald Trump urged Mike Pompeo to go to Saudi Arabia immediately after a telephone conversation with Malik Salman.

Following this conversation, Mr. Trump said that “arbitrary killers” might be responsible for the death of Mr. Khashoggi. He added that the king of Saudi Arabia has denied any knowledge of the fate of this journalist.


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