American game on the ground of Europe


For months, Trump intends to upset insecurity inside Iran. The new security team of government of the United States, according to existing documents, has a good relationship with one of the most prominent terrorist groups in Iran, which according to the available documents is the direct cause of the killing and assassination of 12,000 Iranians. The deep relationship which according to the documents Trump has given the promise of the overthrow of Iran to foreign officials.

The Polish summit is being held, which, contrary to Washington’s calculations, is held just a few days after the 22 Bahman march, and the United States image is that the Iranian people are not participating in such a rally. The American strategic mistake in Iran seems to be repeated, and the MKO’s terrorist group is sending false information from inside Iran to Washington.

Since the beginning of the revolution in Iran, Washington, having lost its embassy in Iran, has not been able to analyze and summarize directly the situation of Iran, and has always had to buy Iran’s news and its analysis at an exorbitant price. This has further increased the group’s mediation, such as the MKO, and, in this regard, the group has managed to pitch US taxpayers’ money on the pretext of first-hand information.

While Washington reputation has been destroyed through the case of Iran every time. The latest example is the sale of super confidential information claimed by Netanyahu. He introduced a carpet cleaning in Iran as a major nuclear center, which the center is for machine woven and handmade carpet washing.

Another important thing is to repeat Europe’s mistakes to accompany the United States. The Americans in the Libyan case by running international summons showed to the world that they cannot manage the crisis. By forming a meeting of friends of Syria, they practically lost the case of the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, and in Yemen, with the backing of Riyadh and adding Europe to this war, only imposed an extra charge.

In the meantime, the United States by holding this summit will now open the door of Europe to the hostility case with Iran, and will only impose a new political and security charge on Europe.

Recently, Iranian officials have said, in case of holding this meeting in Poland, the country will revise the security cooperation with European countries. This means that Iran will not hand over the experience in combating terrorism in Syria and Iraq to the Europe and Europe will face a new challenge especially the ISIL’s return wave.

It will be enough for European that from hundreds of ISIL members, only a small group return to Europe, and we will see a lot of human casualties. America is very far, and it’s definitely a loss for Europeans in the first place. If Europe does not use Iran’s experience to curb ISIL, there will surely be many concerns for European citizens.

It should not be forgotten that Europe has, in many cases, been paying the price of American cooperation. The economic relations between Europe and Tehran just got good and Europe can use the opportunity and place of Iran in the region. Iran is a global pole of energy, and Europe needs energy to compensate the economic and production backwardness globally.

On the other hand, Iran is a bridge between the east and the west, and its stability will certainly stabilize the economic corridor of East and West and, most importantly, the Persian Gulf. Unsafe Iran is definitely overwhelming for Europe, and European capitals need to know that this security overflow threatens Europe’s economy.