America: Be careful of what you ask for

By Times Headline Writer


There’s a catchy commercial jingle from decades ago that I cannot forget: “You asked for it, you got it, Toyota.” In 2008, a large segment of society wanted “hope and change,” and we got it in Obama. With Toyota, one at least gets a decent car. With Obama, it’s a bait and switch scheme.

Now in 2016, America again must choose whom we want to “serve us” in government offices, including the person that sets the general policy/direction for our nation – the president. In 2008, those who didn’t do their homework on Candidate Obama (BHO) are now, in many cases, upset and confused over what happened. And still, unwilling to do a little research, far too many Americans are about to make the same mistake again in voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC). Warning: It’s another bait and switch, and you won’t like what you’re going to get. America: Be careful of what you ask for!

BHO fully delivered on change for America; he has indeed fundamentally transformed America. She is hardly recognizable any longer. As for hope…We hope all the transformation can be reversed. But alas, it’s probably too late for that. Americans have been brainwashed to believe in principles of socialism because of our dear leader. But then, if only we had done our due diligence. If only journalists had done their duty in vetting the communist wolf-in-sheep’s clothing. If only Christians had understood the Bible, prayed, and voted against him. Of course, none of these things happened.

With HRC, it’s like déjà vu all over again. Obama had extensive communist ties. (More in a bit…) HRC’s communist ties go back to even high school/early college days when her Methodist youth minister, Don Jones, planted seeds of socialist/communist propaganda in her mind.

Author Paul Kengor did extensive research on her for his book, God and Hillary Clinton: a Spiritual Life. He explained that Jones actually took members of his youth group to Chicago to meet Saul Alinsky, the radical, democratic socialist (communist) community organizer Obama and HRC both idolize. Kengor then tells of other “fellow travelers” in her journey like a Yale professor called “Tommie the Commie,” and attorney Bob Treuhaft. The professor was probably one of many. Treuhaft was one of four partners in a radical left law firm in the San Francisco Bay area in which HRC did an internship. Two of the partners were card-carrying communists, Treuhaft being the head of the communist party in California. (She apparently met him when he was representing the Black Panthers.) (FRONTPAGEMAG.COM)

Our first bait and switch candidate, Obama, had extensive ties with communism, and even brought one of them with him to the White House – Valerie Jarrett. Her family has actually been under investigation by the U.S. Government. Further, his background has been heavily influenced by Islam. In fact, he was raised as a Muslim. In one of his books he claimed he would side with Islam, and as president, has repeatedly favored Muslim countries and people over Americans. He has constantly criticized and condemned Christians and America, even boldly proclaiming to the world that America is no longer a Christian nation. And now, despite the economic crisis America faces, he is hell-bent on bringing Muslim “refugees” to America from war-torn countries. (Wars that America helped start and arm, in many cases.)

While HRC might not be as enamored with Islam as is BHO, she at least demonstrates a “fondness” for it. While secretary of state, she proclaimed that speech against Islam should be against the law. (That’s first amendment-protected speech she wants to silence.) She has given her support to many Muslim organizations, and has backed UN treaties involving Islam that basically supersede American laws. Like BHO, she has also criticized Christianity and Catholicism regarding our beliefs, particularly towards Islam.


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