Finally! The Important Emojis We’ve Been Begging for Might Be on Our Phones Soon


Finally, we know have an emoji to text back to your significant other when they ask us what we love more than anything on this planet. Sure, they probably want to hear “you,” but deep down what we all want to say back is:

That dream might come true come the summer of 2016. Unicode has approvedthese 38 new emojis as candidates the Unicode 9 update, and they are full of texting game-changers. At long last, the bacon emoji is here to end the national nightmare of not knowing how to talk to people about cured pork strips. And now we have some mockups to see what these emojis might look like when they are released.

Other important additions up for approval is the avocado emoji, a selfie emoji and a shrug emoji for all those times you really don’t know what to say when your mom asks when you’re going to get your life together. We’ve noted these updates before, but now we know they are actually moving forward in the great emoji journey.

You can check out the mockups for the newest submissions to the Unicode 9 update


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•Face With Cowboy Hat
•Clown Face
•Nauseated Face
•Rolling On The Floor Laughing
•Drooling Face
•Lying Face
•Call Me Hand
•Raised Back Of Hand
•Left-Facing Fist
•Right-Facing Fist
•Hand With First And Index Finger Crossed
•Pregnant Woman
•Face Palm
•Man Dancing finally-the-important-emojis-weve-been-begging-for-might-be-on-our-phones-soon


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