WATCH: Pregnant Sania Mirza cannot keep herself away from tennis court


Sania Mirza, like recent tennis mom Serena Williams, could not stay off the tennis court even while carrying a proper baby bump.

When you’re seven months pregnant and the baby is due two months away, a mom-to-be would mostly be careful with movement and resting completely. But not when you’re a Super Human like Sania Mirza! Due in October, the Indian tennis player took to the tennis court in a gentle hit with sister Anam Mirza.

Sania has been quite active recently on Instagram taking questions from fans and even giving tips on how to maintain themselves if an expecting woman. She revealed the trick is to rest and eat helthy. She has clearly been doing both based on her recent social media activity.

In the Instagram video, Sania is seen hitting a few comfortable forehands from the baseline and the technique is there to see. She looks effortless in keeping her leg forehand and creating room for flawless contact with the ball. She captioned the video with, “Told you … can’t keep me away .. I need some wheels to move though”.

A day ago, Anam had posted a video of the two sisters playing tennis with father Imran standing nearby. “Getting mom-to-be to hit a few balls,” Anam had captioned her video.

Two days earlier, Sania had posted a picture of herself wearing a dress and twirling on the tennis court near the net. The caption, fittingly, read, “You can take the player off the tennis court for a while .. but you can’t take the tennis out of the tennis player ever”.

Mirza had undergone surgery last year and has put her career on hold as she faces a different challenge, has targeted a return to win medal for the country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “It was just about time… I was down with my knee injury anyway and we had been thinking about it for a while… We thought it was a good time to start a family and experience this new phase of our lives,” Sania had told news agency IANS on decision to start a family. Her last match came in October last year and she says the knee is recovering well. “I haven’t played since mid-October, so it has been a solid six months and more. Rest was something everyone was recommending… So, I won’t say it’s perfect, but it’s better,” she added.

Source: The Indian Express


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