Rio 2016 Olympic Games inaugrated in a mega show in Brazil

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio declared open with colourful ceremony celebrating Brazil's history and diverse culture.


Times Headline :
The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have officially opened with a flamboyant ceremony celebrating Brazil’s history and cultural diversity, all to the pulsating beat of samba, bossa nova and funk.

Marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro, who was denied victory at the 2004 Athens Games when he was attacked by a spectator, lit the cauldron on Friday after an exuberant show of Brazilian cultural touchstones and breathtaking fireworks.
Concerns are being raised over the lengths the authorities and the Rio2016 organisers have gone to in ensuring all is in readiness to host the world’s athletes and the world community at large.

Sport has an important role to play – a positive role – both as a tool for recreation and as a tool for development, especially in the lives of children, as is being constantly underlined by the many sport for development projects underway around the world.


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