Lionel Messi, world’s highest-paid footballer, dazzles fan with this trick shot

Lionel Messi performed a trick shot that left the world wondering Fake or GOAT? This after the Argentina and Barcelona star became the highest-paid footballer in the world only a week prior.

Lionel Messi posted a video on his Instagram account which has the world scratching their heads, wondering if what the Argentina and Barcelona star did in the video is real or fake?

Messi in the video can be seen kicking a football through a hoop while a bottle is balanced on the ball.

The easy presumption may that the bottle is knocked down to the ground as soon as the ball is kicked by Messi, right? But that is not the only thing which Messi managed to do apart from effortlessly putting the ball perfectly through the hoop.

As Messi kicked the ball, the bottle flung into the air and then managed to land perfectly on the ground.

Don’t believe? Here’s the proof –

The video, posted on Friday, has since been viewed 14,163,332 times (at the time of writing) with many people raising questions of its authenticity, while others hailed the ‘GOAT’ for doing what others can’t.


Messi earlier this week was announced as the highest-paid footballer in the world, ahead of the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Griezmann and Neymar.

French publication L’Equipe released their annual report of the top salaries in football and according to the report, Messi earns a whooping 8.3 million a month, with Ronaldo’s salary being 4.7m per month (both figures quoted are before tax). The top 10 on the list released, is entirely made up by players from Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy) and Ligue 1 (France), with the German Bundesliga not having a single player.

World Cup winner with France and Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann is in third with (3.3m) as Paris Saint Germain’s Neymar is fourth with 3.06m. Messi’s Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez completes the top five, with 2.9m.

Gareth Bale is sixth on the list with 2.5m, while Philippe Coutinho is seventh with 2.3m. Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez is the first Premier League representative on the list in eight spot with $2.28m.

Kylian Mbappe is in ninth spot with $1.73m and finishing off the top 10 is Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil with 1.6m earnings.

Source: India Today