Coach does impact but real credit goes to players only: Rahul Dravid

Mumbai: Rahul Dravid, who is the coach of the Under 19 World Cup winning Indian team, today said,”I know the impact a coach can have on the team, but real credit goes to the players. They are the ones who stand up in such pressure games, they are the ones who stood up & showed maturity. They are the ones who made sacrifices. Credit is entirely their’s”.

But he said that the real satisfaction was in the process. He said,”The real satisfaction was in the process. Planning and developing of U-19 players was in place. I am really happy because of these fifteen boys winning the World Cup. The way they have played and executed in pressure, these kinds of things give you happiness.”

He also said that the team hasn’t played that well in the final match which it won but still it was a high pressure game and another experience for the team. He said,”I don’t think we played our number one game in the final, but playing such a high pressure final in such a big tournament is another experience. Then coming to Mumbai and seeing excitement, noise and so many people around them, that is another kind of experience.”

Under-19 Indian Cricket team captain Prithvi Shaw said that it was all about experience. He said,”.. Obviously when you go to a higher level, you get good experience from your senior players. You get many things from them. Things which help you in your game. Scoring runs in Ranji Trophy or U-19 matches helped me a lot, it really mattered.”