If you’re a Congress worker, Rahul Gandhi may phone you..


In an attempt to boost moral of the party, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has decided to talk booth level workers directly. This step is very important before assembly elections in various states. A source told that Rahul will directly call, texts, video message or anything of this sort to engage with ground workers.

Congress sources told that the experiment has started in Rajasthan. Rajasthan will face election in November. Gandhi randomly called Gatui in Mudasail village of Ghatol reserved constituency, the 34-year-old party worker thought it was a hoax call.But the caller looks real because of his deep interest in knowing the issues of her constituency.

Sachin Pilot also spoke to the lady afterwards. Like Gatui, there were others too who have received the similar kind of calls. Sachin Pilot praise this mathod and said,”The workers are enthused beyond imagination. This is the first time they have ever spoken to the Congress president.” The move follows a state-wide initiative by the newly-carved out Data Analytics department of the Congress to connect the party workers.

Praveen Chakravarty, who heads the department, said, “The worker needed to send a text message with his voter id card number to register with Congress. We have a database of at least five workers in each of the 45,000 booths in Rajasthan.” After the Rajasthan experiment, Congress will try to implement this strategy in Chhattisgarh too.