Siddhu going Pakistan for Imran’s swearing in..

New Delhi: Congress Leader and former cricket player Navjot Singh Siddhu is excited after he got the invitation of Imran Khan’s swearing in. Though it looks like a very friendly invitation but analysts claim that Imran has played a kind of cricket-diplomacy card even before his becoming of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Siddhu said about this invitation that Imran Khan’s invitation is actually a private invitation and not a political one. He said,”Its a huge honour for me. Its a personal invitation from him and not a political one”. Siddhu clarified that he is not doing anything against the policy of our country. He said,”I respect the foreign policy of the Govt and the country, but this is a personal invitation. I believe sports persons and artists break barriers.”He also said,,”He has risen from scratch in politics, he has exhibited great character. I see him as a ray of hope.”

Significantly Navjot Singh Siddhu and Imran Khan are old friends. They have played in different cricket teams but both of them have huge respect for each other. Imran was though had no political background have gained a lot and now he is going to become the prime minister of Pakistan. Being the Prime Minister of Pakistan will be a very challenging thing for him but he has shown a lot of character in politics as well.


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